Interested in Reserving Space at Hellbent?


We want Hellbent to be a place where good people congregate, and we welcome gatherings of all kinds. We usually host large parties upstairs. There’s no elevator, though. If you need accommodations downstairs, we can make that happen.

We only charge if you want exclusive use of the upstairs or of the entire tasting room. For the upstairs, the charge takes the form of a guaranteed minimum bar tab, plus an 18% automatic gratuity for our staff. The amount of the tab depends on the day of the week, time of day, and duration of the party. If you have a party of 40 or more people and you're interested in reserving exclusive use of the upstairs, we ask for a guaranteed minimum tab of $350 per hour. Buying out the entire tasting room is handled on a case-by-case basis.

If you don’t want exclusive use of the space, we handle it like a typical restaurant reservation. Email, or call (206) 361-3707 to book.

We don’t reserve space during Seahawks games. Only part of our patio is reservable.

You’re welcome to bring in outside food and decorations, but please leave the outside drinks and glitter at home.

Questions? Please email